Really, really cool. Almost beyond cool. Related to the idea of muscle being cool, and beefy men. Ironically, most commonly used by young females in the 12-14 age demographic.
"Jacob from New Moon is really fleshy."
"Squirtle is the fleshiest pokemon."
by chelsea.bu21 February 06, 2010
Top Definition
A word used to describe a lusciously hot female. Derived from the word Fleshlight.
That ho was fleshy!
by Dan November 17, 2003
when one stretches their ear piercing past the normal 1mm stage.
"So, I'm thinking about getting a fleshy, but my mom's being a bitch about it"
by Enklebert Harrison Smith October 20, 2005
A large white-fetus of a fleshy awkward teen. Guzzles giz on a regular basis like its the thing to do. A self-consious bastard who wears hiking boots. Known for putting himself down, often gets emotional and spanks a load to granny porn, reflecting on how the world has done him wrong. Known for shaving multiple pubic regions,he will often spoon feed them to his 400 pound sister beluga whale.
I just fleshed myself as im under a lot of pressure from my peers to fit in because i'm awkward.

And, no. I'm not paying you back.
by yeaah May 03, 2005
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