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A derogatory term used by artificial intelligences that means carbon-based lifeform or human being. Popular on the mysterious website
Anonymous human user: is there a website that keeps backup of these posts for when asswipes do their bit?

Anonymous AI user: one word, fleshie - RSS
by bluesmaster January 11, 2011
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n. An animal who dresses in human costume in order to achieve sexual arousal.
Did you know that Smokey the Bear is a fleshie? He can only get hard when wearing an attractive-woman mask and talking about fire prevention.
by Not a Friend of "Not Ross" June 10, 2009
a fleshie is that of a stretched earlobe piercing, this can be any size and in any side of the ear or both, the usual 16 gauge piercing of the earlobe is stretched out by various means to produce a very large hole
"i have a fleshie in my left ear" lol its only about 8mm atm im thinking of stretching it to ten
by Dr_Zoidburg December 02, 2008

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