Top Definition
An Elbow drive concentrated directly into the back of an person
yea dude i was walking and fucking that retard kevin fledged me
by TiMiz legit January 03, 2009
Verb, Sexual act, to fledge

The act of ejaculating in the rectum of your sexual partner and slurping it out with a straw.
I heard Shirley and Billy practice fledging, they're so gross.

Sam: That chick is so kinky I fledged her last nigh.
Paul: wtf man?
by kk360 March 15, 2011
same as number one. the one that comes first
paul likes to suck the fledge
by jayevans January 28, 2005
smelly old granny's pussy
fuck off you fucking fledge
by jayevans January 27, 2005

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