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Cool or nice
Your shoes on fleak!
by Too turntup December 20, 2014
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A Fleak is a faked leak of information by a company or person to generate interest in a new product, system or update etc therefore creating a demand and hype for the product before it goes on sale
That new iPhone prototype was fleaked man! That guy left it there deliberately so the tech blogs would talk about nothing but iPhone 4G for the next month!
by @hughcurran April 27, 2010
someone or something that brings you good luck or comfort
'he turned into a pretty good fleak whaen i was playing 21"
by linguine February 10, 2010
A leak of a liquid material which could be cum, discharge, blood or urine
Omg charlotte just totally fleaked in her pants
by chaz_dance August 09, 2011
to be distroght over an experrience, in reference to "freaking" out
holy crap i totally fleaked out, when that dude showed his wanger
by grant sweeting August 24, 2005

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