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A variation of chess with 2-6 players where each player had his or her own 1/4 piece which they may move around the outside of the board. Very popular in New England and midwestern states.
Julia: Let's play some chess!
Haley: How about flawn instead? That way everyone has a fair chance at winning.
by Sparky Regis May 19, 2010
To flirt while fawning. To flawn.
Zas was flawning all over me last night, she was fighting a battle she'd already experienced every possible outcome of.
by St. Gabriel March 20, 2006
The most foul scent known to man. A strong mix of old man, molding food you found under your couch from god knows when, cottage cheese, and an overheated junior high classroom.

To be told you smell like flawn is the worst of all the smelly smells out there. It's a serious hint that you need to bathe using SOAP.

The less flawn there is in this world, the better off we'll all be.
Hey jon, you smell like flawn!
by Creepy Christine August 23, 2005
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