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To be a total legend.
Person 1: "That's guys a legend!"

Person 2: "He's such a flavio, man."
by RtooDtoo April 04, 2009
funny person who makes everyone laugh. makes everyone piss themselves. a flavio isnt gay he straight up straight.
''that kid is freakin flavio.''
''hahaha hes flavio''
by blaa198 May 21, 2009
A cool guy who has all qualities to be a good person : inteligent , muscles , popular , handsome....

something like a perfect person ,still he likes star wars , and rock n` roll
I went to this rock concert last night and met a guy named Roger he was flavio .
by The Boom Baby guy January 15, 2010
that guy is flavio
by mk63 February 21, 2009
Homosexual, fruity, a person who wears colorful clothes talks gay and looks and walks in a gay form or style.
This One Guy at works looks straight up like a flavio!
by userluna2005 May 01, 2009