Slang for crack cocaine.
Customer: "What you pushin?"
Dealer: "I got Flav, 20's and 40's, what you need?"
by Matt in the Hat October 21, 2003
Top Definition
Southern/East Coast term used for air force ones, also known as uptowns. It is derived from the word FLAVOR/FLAVA because there are so many different flavas of forces out.
Yo bruh, where you cop those flavs? Those janks are the truth.
by VaMAMI June 06, 2006
To betray or deceive your friends or your loved ones. To flav is to be the worst of the worst; to delude those your love so badly that they lose any remnant of trust or friendship; to fraud
Friend 1: Did you ever meet up with Mike the other day?
Friend 2: Nah, that motherfucker totally flaved me; I'm done with that nigga
by Nine of Spades June 08, 2013

Word used in situations where you want somethingn(most commonly food related, but can be attributed to music, activity etc) and you cannot decide what exactly it is that you crave.
I could really go for some flav right now
by fuckyoudolphin May 04, 2010
A sophisticated drinking game involving cards that tests your memory and guts. Named after it's founder. He's kind of a big deal.
Wow, Tom just got totally hammered playing flav. #yolo
by wup January 27, 2013
A person of African descent. Flav refers to flava, which is an icon of African culture. This is apparent in many cases, but one that stands out is the tendency of Africans to like spicy food, being flavorful.
Quantavious: Look at dat uppedy flav!
Aisha: Oh Lord! He ridin clean!
Quantavious: F'sho!
by IGW December 19, 2005
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