Flow Chart

A graphic presentation using symbols to show the step-by-step sequence of operations, activities, or procedures.
Your flarts stink; they lack sufficient detail.
by lostcartographer May 13, 2008
Top Definition
A cross between a flan, and a tart. Although the name suggests something rude, it is in fact a simple pastry.
Young child: "Mummy that flart smells wonderful!"

Mother: "Well, it's been in the oven for a while now honey"
by Lonsdale October 08, 2009
The last bit of air released from your ass when you fart, which contains the highest concentration of Stench.
It wasn't Nicole's bursting fart that made the difference, it was the last bit of flart she waved my way that caused me to gag and convulse. The taste of it was horrid.
by JackMpdx April 01, 2009
verb: the act of flirting of with a female while simultaneously trying to hold in gas/ a turd
I saw this cute girl at the bar and I was flarting with her so hard. But then half way through it just turned into me shitting my pants.
by professer awful April 03, 2013
A fart that causes one to fly through the air.
Susie ate beans for breakfast and flarted to school.
by krinokin February 08, 2012
When you're trying to flirt with a really, really hot girl (or guy if you're a chick, which would be unlikely) and then cut a fart that everyone around you hears.
E.G. you flirt, then you fart and fail at the sad and miserable attempt.

(other forms-past-Flarted-present-Flarting(or) future-he is going to flart)
Man:Hey Karen!
Man:I love your dress, you look soo hot in it.
Man:*farting noize*
Man: oh shit..I think that was shit...
Karen:...uhh...*makes pretend cell phone ring tone noises*
Karen: sorry, that's my mom, my grandma just died! I'm going home now.
Snide asshole: fuck...you flarted...you suck man..you suck.
by IKilledTheParty February 19, 2010
1. a flatus expelled through the anus simultaneously accompanying a laugh.
2. a flatus expelled through the anus as a result of a laugh.

3. emit wind from the anus and laugh at the same time.
e.g. My pregnant wife flarted in her sleep last night; it must have been a hilariously funny dream.
by ijustatemaccas March 12, 2015
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