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Use of cocaine, and or, being high on cocaine
Tommy- Ayo Johnny! We drinkin tonight!?

Johnny- Yessir! We gonna get fucked up! You down to get Flappin tonight!?

Tommy- Aww Hell Yea!!! Imma hit up Lorenzo for a bird!

Johnny- HAHAHAA! My nigga we reckless...LEGGOO!!!
by McFlappin December 15, 2012
4 0
The act of a female with obvious labia wearing short shorts, underwear, swimsuit, etc., and in a position to where said labia is exposed in some way. Mostly frowned upon by the male gender, although when tolerated, strong sexual arousal is common.
Guy 1: Check it out dude! That chick with the booty shorts is totally Flappin'!

Guy 2: She is so fine.
by 69unfaithful December 14, 2009
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The origin of flappins began in Rugby 2007 when sarah flapped out on the sofa after a smoke. Since then, Flappins now flaps out anywhere and everywhere, whether on a train, up a tree, in the fridge,etc.
''Flappins, wake up!''
by piratemic August 29, 2008
1 1
being broke as hell, stretched out to the max, or struggling for work
this guy is flappin in the wind
by Philip Crescenzo February 28, 2008
7 7
talkin shit about another person!!!!! exp frsheys people
why u flappin bout freshys>
by yossi101 December 27, 2007
4 5