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Use of cocaine, and or, being high on cocaine
Tommy- Ayo Johnny! We drinkin tonight!?

Johnny- Yessir! We gonna get fucked up! You down to get Flappin tonight!?

Tommy- Aww Hell Yea!!! Imma hit up Lorenzo for a bird!

Johnny- HAHAHAA! My nigga we reckless...LEGGOO!!!
by McFlappin December 15, 2012
The act of a female with obvious labia wearing short shorts, underwear, swimsuit, etc., and in a position to where said labia is exposed in some way. Mostly frowned upon by the male gender, although when tolerated, strong sexual arousal is common.
Guy 1: Check it out dude! That chick with the booty shorts is totally Flappin'!

Guy 2: She is so fine.
by 69unfaithful December 14, 2009
being broke as hell, stretched out to the max, or struggling for work
this guy is flappin in the wind
by Philip Crescenzo February 28, 2008
The origin of flappins began in Rugby 2007 when sarah flapped out on the sofa after a smoke. Since then, Flappins now flaps out anywhere and everywhere, whether on a train, up a tree, in the fridge,etc.
''Flappins, wake up!''
by piratemic August 29, 2008
talkin shit about another person!!!!! exp frsheys people
why u flappin bout freshys>
by yossi101 December 27, 2007
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