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The act of a female with obvious labia wearing short shorts, underwear, swimsuit, etc., and in a position to where said labia is exposed in some way. Mostly frowned upon by the male gender, although when tolerated, strong sexual arousal is common.
Guy 1: Check it out dude! That chick with the booty shorts is totally Flappin'!

Guy 2: She is so fine.
by 69unfaithful December 14, 2009
verb; The act of pouring milk (from container) fast enough to where appropriate distance is reached, so that milk-crusties (see Shemok) do not enter the pour-ee container.
Guy 1: "Damnit! I hate when the Shemok gets in my drink!"
Guy 2: "No man, you should have used the Milktilt."
by 69unfaithful December 10, 2009
Deriving from formerly known 'krys bits', small pieces or "bits" of feces in the anal area of a female. When present with asshole hair or 'scragglers', dingle-berries are of high possibility.
Guy 1: "Dude you were dating that chick for forever!"
Guy 2: "No man, shes hot in all, but i had to let her loose once i caught sight of her nasty shit bits."
by 69unfaithful August 31, 2009
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