The hipster of the 1920's. These women spoke up for what they believed in and dissed the status quo. They dressed how they liked, drank what they wanted, and avoided "mainstream."
Daisy Buchanan, from the Great Gatsby, was a flapper.
by me123412341234 March 09, 2013
A guy who likes to do pelvis thrust that make his dick flap back and forth.
Carolina: "Looks like that guy is a flapper when he tries to dance."
by Gbaby954 July 10, 2008
Someone who talks shit & says things that they know & YOU know will never happen.
"If I knew it was your birthday I totally would have made you a cake or something"......whatever, don't make yourself LOOK like you MIGHT be a good person when your just a "FLAPPER"
by Stef G May 13, 2006
a particularly raunchy fart that makes the buttcheeks smack together in an unpleasant flapping noise
Did you hear that flapper? He must have shit his pants!
by Krazy K December 21, 2002
The taking down of pants and moving of hips from side to side causing a flapping sound of the penis.
Roger was mad at the others inside of wendys so he gave them the flapper from outside.
by thecoolone January 23, 2005
A girl who gets rammed alot so when she queefs, her pussy flaps.
Your mom is such a flapper. pbpbpbpbpbb ::makes flapping motion with hands::
by himura March 03, 2004
a long stringy wet snot from either nostril mostly pinged onto walls
i pinged that wet flapper onto the wall
by wendy sucmi-porc May 06, 2003
The genetalia of washed up movie starlettes from the 40's that had attended one too many speak-easy's during their careers.
Picky? Are you kidding me? One more drink in me and I'd settle on a flapper!
by Dylan March 07, 2005

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