The hipster of the 1920's. These women spoke up for what they believed in and dissed the status quo. They dressed how they liked, drank what they wanted, and avoided "mainstream."
Daisy Buchanan, from the Great Gatsby, was a flapper.
by me123412341234 March 09, 2013
a slang word used to call someone of slagish orientation. Someone who is a slapper. Slag.
"Omg, you f**king flapper, get out of my house"
by Georgina Williams June 14, 2008
Someone who panics easily.
Fred is a flapper. He needs to relax more.
by Steve Woodier October 27, 2007
Is a pop of the 1920's
Joel: Alexa is a Flapper!
Michael : Yeah I know she gave it to me
by Danielle_babby May 11, 2009
a compulsive liar. they lie or " flap " about everything, to make themselves look cool. Johnny Dee is a flapper.
Johnny - Yo bro i was banging this bitch last night at my cousin john Gotti's house and then all of a sudden bro i dumped that bitch and banged out her mom.
Boy - You are a fucking flapper.
by miSZkAiTLYNd0NATO July 04, 2006
someone who opens his/her mouth to much and sez a lot of bullshit
someone who constantly lies about getting laid or something he/she didn't do just to fit in with friends/people
bean shooter
i hate all liars and flappers!!!!
by blthrskt December 18, 2005
a saggy vagina that hangs down normally smelly and wet often claps while girl runs
god that girls flapper smells like shitt
by jackithsdfdwe October 23, 2007
A guy who likes to do pelvis thrust that make his dick flap back and forth.
Carolina: "Looks like that guy is a flapper when he tries to dance."
by Gbaby954 July 10, 2008

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