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National Holiday.

Every Friday, it is the day to wear a flannel.

It also makes your decision about what to wear that day alot easier.

'Nuff said.

"I don't know what to wear today; OH WAIT! It's Flannel Friday!"
by jeffydos March 23, 2009
It's the long awaited day every week when cool people wear flannel. Sometimes douches wear flannels on this day and it ruins. Only wear one if you're invited to!
Welshy texted his friends last night to make sure they wear flannel on Flannel Friday.
by Ekim Hslew March 22, 2010
Flannel Friday is a holiday on the first friday of every month during the autumn season. The original flannel friday began at Huntington Public High School in Huntington, New York to help raise awareness of hunger.
It's Flannel friday, throw on a flannel!
by lisound12 July 09, 2014
The concept of wearing flannel every Friday to look nice. And be cool. Mainly in Farmingdale high school. If someone says they came up with they did not.
Tyler Belo created flannel Friday.
Ryan did not create flannel Friday.

That's not even flannel it's cotton
by swaggy June 05, 2014
The day in which college students adorn themselves with flannel apparel for the purpose of kegging the shit out of the town.
Hey, what day is it?
It's flannel friday son! You better slap a flannel on your bitch ass before hitting the keg
by The wrecking crew October 05, 2012
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