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A person who is Fat + Lanky = Flanky
the famous mc/beatboxer Boogy Woogy's (real name Sean Wakeham)nickname was Flanky for this reason
#flanky #lanky #fat #ginger #beatbox #bristol
by Jake Townsend February 15, 2009
A person that looks highly suspicious
That nigga look flanky den a mug
#people #niggas #homies #buddies #you
by MoneyGirl189 October 02, 2008
Something you shout loudly to your teammate in a split screen multiplayer game of some first-person shooter such as Call of Duty whilst you flank the enemy. Flankies also happen to be rather tasty, chocolate-coated strips of meat from a mythical beat known as the chickenfish.
Ex. 1- Dude 1: "Dude! He's coming, he's coming! We're going to die, man!"

Dude 2: "Wait.... wait... okay now! FLANKIES!"

Ex. 2- The starving mountain climbers were greeted at the summit by a divine godess, who presented them with a lifetime supply of flankies which they know had to get down the mountain...
#flankise #fish sticks #flankeis #falnkies #aflnkies
by naM sdrawkcaB January 02, 2010
Someone who has breath similar to that of straight up ass
get outma face, flanky. breff be kickin
by Anhedoniac June 13, 2003
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