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Goin out drinking
Wee'z juicin' T'night fa SHO
Less get some peeps ' go juicin'
by Anhedoniac June 13, 2003
One who engages in open-ass slurping
uh dude, is that an ass your slurping? hey guys! check this out. Tad's an ass-slurper!
by Anhedoniac November 22, 2003
a guy that likes to binip (finger) more than one girl at a time
....You big biniper
by Anhedoniac June 14, 2003
A slurpee made of shit. High in fiber
yeah, lemme get a snickers and a turd-slurpee. Kingsize
by Anhedoniac November 22, 2003
someone who is "out-fucked"
Damn girl, i'ze be straught as hell afta lass night
by Anhedoniac June 13, 2003
Someone who has breath similar to that of straight up ass
get outma face, flanky. breff be kickin
by Anhedoniac June 13, 2003
synonymous with "just"
As in: *Just Prior To*
nigga damn. I plum gots off work, and your ALREADY...
by Anhedoniac June 09, 2003

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