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What ever you want it to mean, but often used in a positive way.

Commonly used by people affiliated with House music.
This song is flango.

Steve Angello is flango.
by djflango October 06, 2010
A flango is a crouching flamingo trained in the ancient arts of Kunwangnihaomachingis. The flango should not be messed with when encountered and instead should be invited to a tea party followed immediately by a street rules basketball game. The flango's favorite color is crimoelon a mix between astral cucumber and shit.
beware the fucking flango
by pieeater 5654 July 03, 2013
To yell a word such as fag, ass, anal tickler, shit, fuck, cunt, slut, damn, hell, rape, skank, whore, dike, nigger, gook, twat, pussy, dick, penis, cock, or any other sware or raccist slur.
Man, that bitch is flango.

Woah, look at that flango ass.
by Unidenified May 03, 2006

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