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The flamming amazon is when im giving her the grissle, and right when i'm about to twerk up in her jungle of love I whip out my Zippo, set her buckwheat farm on fire, and extinguish the flames with my gorilla juice.
I got super wasted one night and give this nice young lady a flamming amazon .
by dMoNeY & Milk March 31, 2011
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When your railing a girl missionary style right before you cum you pull out and light her pubes on fire and extingush with your man sauce
Damn, i just gave that girl a Flamming Amazon!
by Parker Hutchison September 10, 2006
A sexual act in which during sexual intercourse, before a man comes to orgasm, pulls out his penis and lights the girls pbes on fire. Then squirts his semin on it to put it out.
I juts gave her a Flamming amazon.
by slapshotpeewee9 April 25, 2007

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