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You're givin her the gristle, and right as you're about to twerk up in her jungle of love, you whip out your Zippo, set her buckwheat farm on fire, and extinguish the flames with your gorilla juice.
"Yo Miss Crab-Bush is slammin. I wouldn't mind gettin in those grits and givin her the flamin' amazon for Valentine's Day."
by LeeMuthaFukinHazelwood July 13, 2009
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when ur about to flux up in a chick, u flip out ur zippo and light her buckwheat farm on fire then you extinguish the flames wif ur gorilla juice.
yo dude i gave that freak the flamin amazon and SHE extinguished it with her honey.
by technonocon May 11, 2008
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givin her the grissel and right as I'm about to twerk up in her jungle of love I whip out my zippo set her buff wheat farm on fire and extinguish the fire with my gorrilla juice
by pup2097 August 07, 2008
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