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A name given to one who is 100% incapable of starting a campfire without the use of gasoline or any other highly flammable item other than wood.
Get out of the way, man. Let me get this fire going. I'm pretty sure you're flame retarded.
by TangClock July 12, 2009
Flame RETARDED are people who set themselves on fire by lacking common sense, word often misused or confused with Flame retardants which are materials that inhibit or resist the spread of fire.
dude what's with all the bandages?-
-i sat myself on fire while lighting a fart-
really? how did it happen?
- i was wearing polyester, .. big whoooooosh right after.. is all i remember -
hahaha you are truly flame retarded!!!
by nopantsboy October 18, 2009
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