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Flame RETARDED are people who set themselves on fire by lacking common sense, word often misused or confused with Flame retardants which are materials that inhibit or resist the spread of fire.
dude what's with all the bandages?-
-i sat myself on fire while lighting a fart-
really? how did it happen?
- i was wearing polyester, .. big whoooooosh right after.. is all i remember -
hahaha you are truly flame retarded!!!
by nopantsboy October 18, 2009
the act of finding out who the nerd is in a group by throwing out incomplete or incorrect information in order for the nerd to ''bite' by adding more info(more than general knowledge) or correcting the original statement or phrase
me: Hey i went to the museum and saw the fat venus.

nerd: do you mean the Venus of Willendorf? when were you in Vienna? did you know that It is carved from an oolitic limestone etc, etc...

me: haha just kidding i was nerd fishing but i didn't know you were gonna jump on the boat like that
by nopantsboy June 12, 2009
Spanish slang for jackass as in jack's ass .

As a foot note:
In the words Yak the animal and Jack as in the name Jackson both 'J' and 'Y' are often pronounced the same way by mexicans especially those working at Jack in the Box (guelcome to yak in dee box, mine name ees paco) so purely by coincidence the use of a Culo de Yak takes in a charming double meaning
"chimichanga tu madre "

"tu eres un culo de yak !"

"tu madre es un culo de yak!"
by nopantsboy February 04, 2010

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