A woman who flails her arms around wildly during sex.
"Betty is such a flailer!"
by Danno October 21, 2004
Top Definition
One who does all of their coke early in the evening and then freaks the fuck out.
"I've got to go man, I've got to go back to Westbrook." (flails arms wildly and blinks and twiches face rapidly)
-Fat Chad the flailer
by Alalalala May 02, 2008
somebody who is obviously on meth...
a flailer is that guy you might have seen like at the convenient store, he bounces when he walks, and kinda spins when he turns a corner, he over exaggerates his movements... like digging extra extra deep into his pocket while reaching for change... (you know you've seen the type, the fidgety meth-head) that dudes a flailer.
by omnisgnosis September 29, 2012
Beginner surfer, one that flails about in the water like a wounded fish. Old school, kook.
You fucking flailer!

You flailing fucking kook!
by Doug Thornton December 02, 2007
One who stacks it early on in the eveing. To flail, flailing
you fucking flailer

Man i gotta to flail

Man im flailing
by tara banana May 27, 2004
A Flailer is one of those mysterious friends that one day just disappearers off your Facebook friend list without any reason. If you have a large friend list, you may never figure out who it was and why they deleted, blocked or whatevered you. Not only is it rude ,but may cause negative feelings and nobody wants that.
You keep adding new friends but the number stated on your home page always stays the same... or goes down! You keep seeing your "good friend from high school" name in your suggested friend box, but you know you have added them already...three times! They are "Flailing" cause they are: Flailers"!
by 2ndHandJoke February 06, 2010
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