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somebody who is obviously on meth...
a flailer is that guy you might have seen like at the convenient store, he bounces when he walks, and kinda spins when he turns a corner, he over exaggerates his movements... like digging extra extra deep into his pocket while reaching for change... (you know you've seen the type, the fidgety meth-head) that dudes a flailer.
by omnisgnosis September 29, 2012

It's an act of retaliation.. the target person is snatched off of the street, tossed into the trunk of a car, driven around on bumpy dirt roads for a minimum of 2 hours, then released into a cornfield, and left to find their way home.
That's what it is to "cornfield" somebody.
Tim ran off with all my tools, and sold them for meth.
When I catch him, I'm going to cornfield him.
by omnisgnosis July 05, 2016
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