(Irish slang) 1. To have wild and aggressive sexual intercourse.
2. An arousingly attractive person, usually a female.
3. A loose female who resists very little or not at all when approached by a stimulated male of whatever species.
1. "He flahed her brains out the other night."
2. "Look at that one over there, what a fucking flah."
3. "I heard she's a bit of a flah, she'd be mad for cock."
by Robert Hanly May 13, 2006
noun of pleasing appearance, attractive.
"Dat beeor is some flah, boy": That girl is attractive
by Hethror January 31, 2003
a word to discribe an exceeding amount of awesomeness pouring to a point of flooding of the world as you know it from one thing.
*explodes another universe*

by nate5214 November 12, 2009

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