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A word similaiar to chaga, maga, or blaga, used to express anger or disgust.
Person 1: I did your mom.
Person 2: Flaga you!
by Arjan912 April 15, 2009
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A variation of the word "flag" usually typed in great haste. Often used in heated CTF matches taking place in a FPS.
"Omg, nub"
"Anti! Get that flagas!"
"Dude Jacen, you bum, you get it!"
by AntiSith January 03, 2005
A word used in place of the word Epic. It is commonly used by students in the More County district in NC. It can also be used in place of the word Amazing.
Wow your new phone is flaga!
by Jnm1996 November 24, 2010
Meaning to "get that boy" or "fag ass". A term most commonly used by homosexuals at clubs that have lisps.
"Oh my God! Jeremy do you see that hunk in that corner... Go get that flagas!"
by Barabbas January 04, 2005

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