Under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
"You're flabbergastered"
by Lexa June 26, 2004
Top Definition
When you are finished having oral sex with a girl and you shake her cheeks until she salivates. Can also be done with the asscheeks until sweat comes out.
Example 1. Boy 1: Last night was so Great.

Boy 2: Why?

Boy 1: I Flabbergastered your Mom last night, She loved it!
by Alessandro06121999 June 16, 2011
definition: an intense often violent expulsion of fecal material of consisting of a blood/poop mixture caused by the sight of something awesome, amazing, breath taking, etc.
Example: Mike flabbergastered in his pants when he saw a monkey driving a go-kart.
by imahumandictionary July 21, 2010
Being totally puffed out.
Bugger me mate! I'm flabbergastered!
by cocodile dundee May 11, 2006

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