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A term used in used as a replacement for the 'high-five.' Most common in the area of greater Cincinnati, Ohio.
"Dude it's really weird...everyone in Cincinnati says, 'five-high' instead of high-five!"
by godfather922 April 26, 2009
A term patronized by a young lad named Jeremy. In early 2009, it became widely popular in the Greater Cincinnati area. The phrase was created in a bizarre effort to cause some sort of "pop culture" revolution. In the end, the term floundered and became synonymous with being homosexual or a social reject.
Guy 1: "Alright we beat the game, Five-High!"
Guy 2: "Dude, no... I have a girlfriend."

Bro 1: "Hey bro, Five-High."
Bro 2(former): "Five-High? Are you serious? what a loser."
by subversiveESPIONAGE May 11, 2009
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