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Symbol of celebration when something good is said/done. The causes for the call of "HIGH FIVE" can vary from anything as small as finding something cool on the floor to something as big as saving the world from almost certain destruction
dude, look at what i just found on the the floor-a lump of stone...HIGH FIVE

Well captain,we shut down Dr.bigbadmanMC's super massive destruction thing, thus saving the world....HIGH FIVE
by tramptastic June 29, 2004
"just the right height-no bucket required" a term used by zoophiles when they have found an animal who's anus is at the perfect height for penis insertion, without having to stand on a bucket.
look at that lil pony its a JTRH-NBR
by Tramptastic June 24, 2004
A symbol to notify something bad happening.
Becky: Adam, i'm gonna kick your arse!
Chaz and Adam: Low five.
by tramptastic June 29, 2004

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