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When you are so exhausted at work all day and the moment it hits five o clock; you have all of a sudden rejuvenated energy
I've got the five alive, finally of work.
by dental nikki October 17, 2014
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Five Alive is when you give someone a slap upside the head or face to wake them up for being or saying something retarded.
Chris: "I'm gonna move to Hawaii and become a landscaper"

Me: 'SLAP' across the face. "FIVE ALIVE! You really think the US is going to issue you a Green Card for a 'career' as a landscaper?!"


Chris: "I'm gonna move to California and become a Surfer."

Me: 'SLAP' "FIVE ALIVE. Point Break sucked ass!"
by iNFiDeL KaSTRo April 13, 2009

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