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To put alcohol into a fishbowl, color it with food coloring, and drink it with bendy straws
"Lazer was fishbowling at the pub before he came to school"-Alex
by grillzchad February 15, 2012
is a term in the tint world used to depict a car with no tint, also meaning you can see right through it.
Hey you fishbowling like a mofo, get that shit tinted!
by K()UT March 27, 2008
to confine the smoke of marijuana to a small space, also known as hot boxing.
Stoner A:
"Dude, you wanna go hot box my car?"
Stoner B:
"I thought it was called fish bowling?" Stoner A:
"It's the same thing."
Stoner B: "Duuuuuude"
by kreszentialynne October 11, 2014
to smoke weed in a small closed in space, such as a car or a bathroom or a closet and swamping yourself in the weed air,
-piink taiga
smoking in a car with the windows rolled up smoking in a closet, smoking in a small bathroom with the door closed. a fish in a fishbowl surrounded by water hence fishbowling... i want to fishbowl right now ..g2g
by piink-taiga May 15, 2009
Driving a convertible with the top down and all the front and rear windows rolled up.
That guy looks stupid fishbowling in that convertible.
by Vettester Charlie January 15, 2010
To fishbowl is to make eye contact with another while smoking hookah, and blowing into a hose that isn't currently being used while someone else is inhaling.
You fishbowling me, smalls?
by Little Raspy June 01, 2011
The act of placing one's head in a fishbowl, or under a piece of glass, and having a woman urinate or defecate on your now protected face.
It's reported that former FBI director J Edgar Hoover was into fishbowling. He'd put his head in an aquarium and have a woman poop on him.
by slickbrick November 20, 2007
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