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The act of placing one's head in a fishbowl, or under a piece of glass, and having a woman urinate or defecate on your now protected face.
It's reported that former FBI director J Edgar Hoover was into fishbowling. He'd put his head in an aquarium and have a woman poop on him.
by slickbrick November 20, 2007
To put alcohol into a fishbowl, color it with food coloring, and drink it with bendy straws
"Lazer was fishbowling at the pub before he came to school"-Alex
by grillzchad February 15, 2012
Smoking weed in a closed and small space, with the intent of not letting the smoke escape, to recycle the smoke in a sence, as in a car for example.
I was so high last night after we went fish bowling in my car.
by Elizabethe H September 19, 2006
to smoke weed in a small closed in space, such as a car or a bathroom or a closet and swamping yourself in the weed air,
-piink taiga
smoking in a car with the windows rolled up smoking in a closet, smoking in a small bathroom with the door closed. a fish in a fishbowl surrounded by water hence fishbowling... i want to fishbowl right now ..g2g
by piink-taiga May 15, 2009
is a term in the tint world used to depict a car with no tint, also meaning you can see right through it.
Hey you fishbowling like a mofo, get that shit tinted!
by K()UT March 27, 2008
To fishbowl is to make eye contact with another while smoking hookah, and blowing into a hose that isn't currently being used while someone else is inhaling.
You fishbowling me, smalls?
by Little Raspy June 01, 2011
Driving a convertible with the top down and all the front and rear windows rolled up.
That guy looks stupid fishbowling in that convertible.
by Vettester Charlie January 15, 2010