1. a traditional English dish of breaded fish fingers and chips (fries) wrapped in newspaper

2. A phrase synonymous with "What an idiot". Comes from situations in which someone does something so unfathomably stupid that the only logical explanation for their actions is that they have fish and chips for brains.
1. Oh man, mum made fish and chips last night, it was so tasty!


Dudebro: Hey, hold my beer and watch this!
Sensible Person: No. You're just gonna hurt yourself doing something stupid.
Dudebro: Nah, come on!
*Dudebro attempts to jump a ledge on his skateboard and ends up landing balls-first on a railing*
Sensible person: Fish and chips...
by Deirdre Nightshade August 28, 2010
A "fish and chips" conversation refers to when two people are instant messaging one another in an idle manner. They write sporadically, perhaps make little jokes or jabs, but nothing of substance. Usually comes after a long conversation of importance.

We call it "fish and chips" because the meal Fish and Chips is beautiful and simple but not very notable, just like this type of conversation
(after a lengthy conversation about something)

RandomUser1 (10:00:00 AM): glad we talked about that

RandomUser2 (10:05:00 AM): yeah

RandomUser1 (10:20:00 AM): mhm...so uh...

RandomUser2 (10:30 AM): haha

RandomUser1 (10:45 AM): I'm tired...

This is an example of a typical AIM "Fish and Chips" conversation
by Invexicon May 29, 2009
A british meal that is only french fries.
For supper we ate, fish and chips.
by tamira75 September 10, 2009
A show starring Abe Vigoda and Erik Estrada.
Order me some fish and chips, I'm gonna watch a marathon of Fish and Chips tonight!
by Colin Mochrie October 06, 2006
A bad poker player who's on a lucky streak.
Don't be fooled by the size of his stack, it's fish and chips.
by Bill Gronos June 24, 2006
An unbelievably common meal, eaten regularly by people in Australia and New Zealand.
Fish and Chip Shop's are probably the most common business establishment in these 2 nations.
Absolutely delicious. We make it better than anywhere in the world.
"In the 70s - 80's, an Aussie's idea of going out for dinner waz the family eating fish and chips in the car."
by Diego August 26, 2003
when a girls pussy smells like fish and its crusty
"hey dez, ed told me your vagina was like fish and chips".
by victor March 17, 2005
a pussy that is so crusty and nasty
fish= pussy chips= crusty nasty scabby
dezaray lapeyair
so nasty
by dustin greenwood March 29, 2005

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