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1. A longitudinal slice or boned side of a fish

2. What she ordered
Waiter: "What will you have this evening?"

Girl: "I'll have the fish fillet, please."

Kanye: "What she order?"

Waiter: "Fish fillet."
by bigdogantdaddy February 19, 2012
1. A woman who sleeps with other women.

2. A boneless piece of fish.
Jen used to like boys, but now she likes her fish filleted. She might as well buy a Subaru.
by zisforxylophone June 27, 2005
A term to denote money bills as it smells or is, most of the time, synonymous to fish smell. Another term for cash stacks.
I gots rubber bands all over my fish fillets.
Some might know a fish fillet as a crap old McDonald's order but now jay-z and kanye west have made a new meaning for it. From their hit 'Niggas In Paris' in 'Watch The Throne'
Kanye West: What she order...Fish Fillet
by Jake.G November 25, 2011
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