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Someone who enters a numerical position on a message board or social network post such as first or second but adds no meaningful insight or opinion on the original post. Statistically this will fail and makes the firster look idiotic and annoying rather than just being annoying for wasting space.

This is similar to trolling but lazier and not as creative. It's kind of like Trolling for Idiots.
The topic would go here and then the firster would post as such.

Bojeezy - FIRST!
Bukkake4me- 2nd!
Admin- Well that was informative...and creative..
by sprydle April 14, 2010 first-er -noun 1. Those fuckers that go to websites, blogs, etc and write “FIRST!” as their only reply just to annoy the fuck out of me.
1. First!
- firster

2. Somebody should auschwitz all those firster motherfuckers!
- thetylerw
by the.tylerw December 22, 2008
The protector of drunken idiots who start fights with people they can't take.
Adam was calling everyone a faggot last night, and he almost needed a firster.

The firster kept Brian from getting his ass beat last night after he greeted everyone with an abrupt choking.
by Threevesleven July 06, 2009
1- One who is a robotics nerd
2- Someone involved in FIRST® (For Inspiration Recognition of Science and Technology)
3- Someone who shows Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition through out their life in and outside of FIRST
That FIRST-er sure show a lot of spirit.

Those FIRST-ers can compete hard on the field but can still be close friends off the field and help each other!!
by czukkiemonster April 14, 2011
A person involved with FIRST robotics.
FIRSTers are so awesome for spending six weeks building a robot.
by supercoolFIRSTer April 07, 2011
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