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The first piss you take on a night out that opens the floodgates and makes you need to go every 8-10 minutes.
Lucy: Oh crap I need to take a first fatal piss
Dom: haha unlucky
by drunkensword March 26, 2008
First Fatal Piss or FFP.
This happens when you're drunk and you have to go to the toilet for the first time. Because lets face it guys, once you go the first time you have to go again and again... and again.
Mira: Where's Hetty gone?
Charly: Oh she's having her First Fatal Piss.
*10 minutes later*
Charly: Hey have you seen Hetty?
Mira: Yeah, she had to pee again.
*30 minutes later*
Meg: Hey do you guys know where Hetty is?
Mira and Charly: Yeah she's in the toilet.
by iambethany December 20, 2006