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The sensation resulting from the over-consumption of alcoholic beverages after being unexpectedly upgraded to first class on a flight. The free nature of the beverage service causes the individual to consume more than he/she normally would in a public setting.
Boss: Tim, you seem out of it today. Experiencing jet lag from your trip back yesterday?

Tim: No Sir, I have to admit that I had a bit too much to drink on the plane. I'm experiencing the first class hangover...

Cheap Boss: I’m glad to see that you are putting the company’s money to good use... I better not see those drinks on your expense report.

Tim: Don’t worry Sir, you wont. The flight was overbooked and I received a free upgrade to first class. To maximize the value of the company’s money, I thoroughly utilized the services included with the upgrade...Jackass.
by c-ski September 22, 2011

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