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Slang term for alcohol. Usually of a strong nature, and generally in abundance. People who break out the firejuice definitely intend to get utterly shit-faced. No kiddie drinks... a la Bacardi Breezer.
"Well, that's the last exam."
"Do you think we passed?"
"I don't know, but I plan on getting severely pissed until we find out."
"Well said. Break out the firejuice, mate."

2 Months Later

"Fuck, we failed."

by HarlequinRaven January 26, 2010
Alcohol that is so strong it burns on the way down. Whiskey is mostly referred to as fire water by many
Christie: "Ouch it burnssssss!!!!"
Jake: Shut up bitch, it's thatfire Juice, suck it up."
by nuckingfutss August 15, 2011
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