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The act of sitting atop a mountain, or anywhere natural with a view (a hill, cliff etc.) and smoking cannabis while tripping out to the beauty of nature.
This action is never to be performed alone, as are most other activities involving the consumption of cannabis products.
John Doe 1: "Dude, I just scored some mind-blowing green. Let's go smoke a bowl at my place!"
John Doe 2: "Fuck that shit! Let's do a Fire on the Mountain over at the lookout point!"
Both: "HELL YEAH!!!"
by KG420 February 28, 2009
Expression : A West African, particularly Nigerian expression of surprise, usually from shock in a negative way or in response to someone exposing something scandalous.
Beverly : Mum, I'm Pregnant.
Beverly's African mum : You said WHAT?!? Fire on the mountain!! Pregnant?!? Am I hearing you Correctly??!!
by BossmanDav_nameintweets_shutup March 24, 2016
A bowl, bong, steam roller, etc. so packed with marijuana that it goes above the rim of the bowl looks like a little green mountain.
"Now THAT is a fire on the mountain. Light that up!"
by Danielle12345 September 22, 2005
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