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1) The annoying thing the AFATDs says when data is sent.
2) A Call for fire (artillery) despite being the oldest forms of area fire, arty is still an effective means of illumination, suppressing, screening and destroying a target of opportunity in a quick and timely means with variations in shell and fuze combinations. Also specific rounds can be used to minimize colateral damage.
Command: Hey why did we shoot a fire mission?
Fister: Because we wanted them dead?
Command: aijgoaihghegloaeiojoawet283u59235!!!!!1!!!one!!1!
Fister: Ok but they're dead now so....

Command: Well we wanted helocopters to kill them because we wanted to be involved and make ourselves feel important.
Fister: They can still do a battle damage assesment?
by Jebus Chris August 03, 2009
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