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Thier children, "accidently" killed by us.
Not to be confused with the slaughter of innocents, i.e., our children "accidently" slain by them.
The children who died at Waco were colateral damage, but the children killed in Oaklahoma City were needlessly massacred.
by daDebil February 29, 2004
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The other two defenitions are bull. Colateral is civiliians getting killed by military action . Colateral when involving civilians can be the same as friendly fire.
When the helicopters rocket was fired shrapnel from the explosion killed a civilian
by scannerfish December 31, 2004
Dead, poor, third-world childern, at the hands of rich first-world politicians.
georgew: We should be able to take over in Iraq without too much colateral damage.
by daDebil February 29, 2004

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