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A term used to reflect the legal and moral standpoint of an individual who is able to stand tall and proud in the face of adversity and shout "Did I really deserve that?" When all around you appears lost, insignificant and unobtainable......when in your heart of hearts you know that you've been dealt a bad hand.....and, when you can look deep, deep within yourself and clearly profess to being not guilty........then, and only then, draw a breath and shout "I'M FINNOCENT".
"Hey Dave, I can't believe it. Not only has the missus just left me..............she's now shacked up with my bestmate.

"No way Jim, that's totally out of order. You're sooooo FINNOCENT".

"Tell me about it, what a wounder".

#innocent #not guilty #dumped #gutted #divorced
by Anthony Munday July 05, 2007
Finnocent is the combination of innocent and fake, aka, fake-innocent. Can be used to describe girls who's flirting style is very cute and innocent, but is truthfully far from it. Not genuinely innocent at all.
Boy #1: Damn this girl Nicole is never going to let me hit that.
Boy #2: Naw, she's just finnocent, she will be in your bed by the end of the night.
#innocent #fake #finnicent #slut #slore
by MSBEcreekside May 11, 2011
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