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The mental state of acute focus on the qualities, or lack thereof, of any female present in the immediate vicinity. Typically, said focus is directed towards the breasts, buttocks, and facial features of the females at hand, and bares little to no interest in the personality of the female of interest. Said focus will not have any concern for any form of standards of attractiveness, and as such, any and all females present will be included. A state of "fingerishness" may or may not include the influence of alcohol, and as such, cannot be attributed to beer googles, but rather to the exceptionally low personal standards of the person said to be "fingerish".
Yeah, I know....she was absolutely disgusting. Five foot-two inches, 320 pounds with a lazy eye and a multiple knife wounds; not mention she smelled of rotten catfish and cheap whiskey. He still can't stop checkin' her out and he's not even boy is feelin' awfully fingerish today.
by the grenade dropper April 04, 2011
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