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Something that should not be shoved up your but.
I really did not want to shake his hand knowing where his fingers might have been.
by greatboy February 14, 2011
8 16
a "finger's" worth of dope is ten grams
Roger went to cop a finger, man. That should last us a few days before we need to get more.
by Mike December 22, 2006
52 61
A nick name given to a boy who stuck his finger in a dog's butthole at a friend's birthday party!
B: Man i was little when that happened!
A: you are still FINGER!
by Xzipper chickX February 18, 2010
22 32
Hideous. Really, really ugly. Although the precise origin is unknown, fingers is frequently used in inner city South London, usually to describe a shockingly unattractive woman.
Oh my gosh, that flabby mess you pulled last night was fingers
by Buckshot September 30, 2004
25 35
The act of sticking your middle figer in the air to say "Fuck you" to deaf people.
They gave me the finger!
by SpringLoaded July 12, 2003
127 139
An Expression when greeting a friend, when tickling the fingers in an hand shake type fashion.
Fingers dude!
by Clayton, Cannon & the Rooster November 05, 2003
26 39
To sign an NHL player to a ridiculously dumb contract.
The Leafs just gave another old player a Finger type contract. Haha.
by Hf boards July 10, 2008
24 41