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1. the best Pixar movie to date
2. euphemism for smoking marijuna
"yo niggah i was findin nemo last night and this shark ass niggah comed up to me and was tryin to bite on mah shit"
by shark ass niggah July 07, 2003
a horrendus sexual act

first, you go to a pet store and buy some fish eggs. then, while yo woman is sleepin, slip a few into her lil vaj. wait a month, then stick ur dick inside and see what bites
deb: wtf is moving in my pussy?

tim: yo im finding nemo!

deb: wtf

by deluxe vajatajay October 21, 2009
A male rite of passage; to locate the clitorus.
"Sally, my boyfriend's terrible in the sack."
"Betty, he's only 11- he's probably needs help finding nemo."
by mike hamilton December 10, 2003
Fill up your tub, throw your clownfish in there, strap goggles on your girl, then smash her head in the water and bang her in the ass until she catches the fish.
Last night I found Nemo'd my girl!

You better watch it babe or you'll be finding Nemo!
by Donnie Gleason January 12, 2011
what 'disney' movies have become now that they have joined forces with 'pixar' for an eternity... you decide:
a) fuckin awesome
b) fuckin awful
by The Paradiddle Pro October 18, 2004
Sucking on a nice pair of breasts till your face caves in and you make the fish face...
Upon entering hooters, you will want to say i would like to give all these girls finding nemo's...
by Anthony Montalbano November 28, 2005
Euphemism for a marijuana smoking session.
"I'm gonna drive on down to the bank, hit up the ATM, and find nemo in the parking lot once I'm done."
by Arrbear August 20, 2005