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Finchy is generally found in a haze a weed smoke, carefully thinking about an effective solution to solve his chronic drug problem.
Derived from the character from The Office- brash, to the point, and takes no prisoners.
Ben: Whats up wit you?
Joe: I'm feelin' Finchy
by Evo October 18, 2004
Using a timber back scrubber to masturbate.
Wow i had a finchy in the shower last night. Wacked it so hard i got a splinter in my thumb.
by Downerrr December 11, 2015
adj) Someone that is not totally friends with the group they are in when that group goes out to do something (illegal). They are always nervous and yell instantly. They talk too much and try to be cool by talking shit.
Brill: Dude lets go to that rager near the Pier 4, I heard they had hella alch.

Pete & Milo: Yah lets go brah.

on the way there in the car:

Sandy: hey guys is that a cop up there!?! OH SHIT GUYS WE ARE SO SCREWED, FUCK FUCK FUCk!!

Pete in his mind: why did we bring him here, he's gunna be so finchy the whole time while we are doin shit.
Pete: stop being so
by poohbearlikesmyhoneypot September 05, 2010
Some queer looking German woman with a faggish looking hairdo and crackwhore looking piercings/tattoos
Uhm no, Finchy much?
by James B Oned April 10, 2009
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