the finals are tomorrow..

shit; i gotta study for the finals..
by J_R0Ck August 11, 2007
Top Definition
Fuck I Never Actually Learned Shit
I may just have a nervous breakdown because of my finals
by Feif December 02, 2003

1)The acceptable title for a series of metaphoric anal-raping questions that are a base for your entire semester

2) Things people get too worried over, even though they can mess your day up real bad.
"Dude, it's finals week! This sucks!"

"I need to cram all night, I'm definitely going to fail, and then I'll have to study to get my credits over the summer, and work two jobs and-"
"Dude, shut the fuck up!"
by Ron Cumberdale June 01, 2005
death by examination
I am so stressed out. I have two finals tommorrow, one Wednesday and two Friday. i wanna die.
by dellcomp321 December 10, 2006
F uck
N ever
A ctually
L earned
S hit

or in other words that exam you take that counts for so fucking much that it can make you fail and have to go to summer school and not be accepted into a good college which causes you to form a band and become famous but kill yourself with a shotgun in the face.
I'm supposed to be studying for my algebra final but instead i'm putting in the definition of FINALS on urban dictionary to pass time.
by 21patrick60 June 02, 2009
Big tests that are worth too much and are supposedly important.
Why am I writing this? I have finals due yesterday!
by Awnold January 17, 2008
asian: hwa eyy a hwo kazika! (asian for "finals are today")

me: dammit. Can we switch brains for the day?

asian: Mwoi how gui-lo! (asian for "stupid whitey")
by white trash from SWHS June 07, 2010
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