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A person who can be recognized as a nerd or loser before saying a single word

The word can be used as an exclamation to alert others that a person approaching or nearby is a loser without saying so.

The exclamation can be used to point out when someone, a friend or not, has said something corny or not funny.
Most hwas in high school aspire to attend Carnegie Mellon University.

Jon Ng: Hey Guys! I have a pet corgi!
by Hwaranya Maruuuuu September 28, 2006
H.W.A or Hammers with attitude -a small outfit with a real heavy rep situated in Marton in Engadine,Sutherland Shire They operate out of Marton Oval or Kings'y

Caution:A force not to be rekond with!
Hey Man Are you gangsta are you H.W.A
by War Cheif Purvis March 04, 2007
Hoes with Attitude, a group that emerged after NWA blew up
HWA was a rip-off of NWA, obviously, but was still signed to Eazy E's Ruthless Records
by Lil' Pimpin' June 12, 2006
An inner sense of confidence and attractiveness that manifests itself externally.
My hwa is totally flying at half-mast. None of the ladies have been checking me out today.
by Luddoo July 21, 2005
a form of "what"; an exclamation.
girl: i'm pregnant... with ur baby
boy: HWA?!?!?!?
by jenny September 27, 2003
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