An rpg game for geeks who like to masturbate to while the play it and that is often the cause for disk read errors because their ps2 is covered in a mountain of cum.
Some Faggot: Ohhhhh Yuna im going to pretend this hole him my ps2 is your hairy vagina and im going to stick my small penis into it. Ohhhh Rikku taste my load of cum.
by dimsum88 January 19, 2005
A playstation 2 game with Rikku (hot), Yuna & Paine.
Gotta go play final fantasy x-2 man. Almost completed it.
by J January 06, 2004
The worst Final Fantasy Game ever. It was made for nerds who didnt have any masturbation material or for people with no total life. The story sucked and i wish that i did not buy that game.
im gonna kill the guy that made FFX2
by GM March 15, 2005
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