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a hyperactive, crazy chick who provides comic relief throughout final fantasy x and x-2. the wetdream of many a fan boy, even though shes 15 and 17 respectively in the games, you sick cradlerobbing fucks.
apparently lots of gamers use rikku as their late night masturbation material.
by seraphicreverie January 30, 2005
saturday, not sunday. sunday is now referred to as the sabbath because of christian influence, whereas the jews originally took saturday as a the sabbath. dont argue with me, i learned it in my religious studies in college.
sunday is the first day of the week, thus saturday is the last, or the sabbath.
by seraphicreverie February 16, 2005
The sequel to Final Fantasy X. Dubbed shitty by guys who are so uncomfortable with their sexuality that they hated it based on the premise that they played a female character and the abilities system is based on different outfits. Didnt necessarily need to introduce a totally different storyline, it was needed to tie up loose ends from X. In all, a pretty good game. Touching, I might say.
The only reason Final Fantasy X-2 has a shitty reputation is because of dipshits that cant get over that the player characters are girls and that understanding and enjoying the story requires emotion and intelligence.
by seraphicreverie January 30, 2005
hands down, the best game made. ever. anyone who disagrees or thinks the game sucked is probably some guy who only likes the game for the sake of masturbating to its female characters and does not possess the mental capabilities to understand the emotional import of the game.
final fantasy 10 definetly kicked ass, and x - 2 was good despite what the retards who arent comfortable with their sexuality said.
by seraphicreverie January 30, 2005
the only cool pokemon. this is coming from someone who thinks pokemon is literally quite gay. sorry pokemon lovers, but it is quite lame. maybe its one of those cases where it kicked ass and got fucked up by english dubbing. anyways, mewtwo likes to kill things and will kick your ass. also was not irritating by repeatedly saying his name over and over again. he actually spoke intelligent english.
mewtwo psychically sodomized ash's tender cornhole
by seraphicreverie February 16, 2005
some gay ass shitty game made popular only by the fact that the characters cloud and sephiroth from final fantasy 7 appear in it. a collaboration with disney and squaresoft. perhaps it would be cool if not for the "what the fuck-edness" spawned by the sight of seeing a kick ass sephiroth one minute and then that dumb fuck donald duck or mickey mouse the next. keep in mind that if sephiroth and cloud were subtracted from the game, all the "hard core gamers" who played it would most likely think it is some lame shitty disney game that belongs in a blazing fire rather than in their ps2.
i hate disney with a passion, and thus i will always hate kingdom hearts and will never "get over" the fact that the main characters are childish retarded disney ones.
by seraphicreverie February 16, 2005
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