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A group of people who decided to give games a content rating to prevent people under the age of 17 from playing games that people over 17 have no interest in. It is their belief that the level of maturity of a person is based solely on how many times the earth has rotated around the sun during their lifespan.
16 year and 364 day old person: Hi. I want to buy GTA San Andreas.

cashier: can I see some ID please.

16 year and 364 day old person:sure
cashier: oh I'm sorry you are not 17 yet. I can't sell you this game because it is rated M for mature and you are not mature enough to handle the blood, violence, and sexual content of this game. Please have a parent come and help you buy it.
by dimsum88 January 23, 2005
The best resident evil game ever. Your weapons have lasers for u to aim and blow guys' heads off. The AI is smarter than some slow dumass zombie. There are also tight unlockable weapon as well as 2 minigames after beating the game. Takes about 20 hours to beat and has great replay value. It is worth the money.
Resident evil 4 has no zombies this doesn't look scary...ahh shit a chainsaw whore just chopped my head off. DAYUM!
by dimsum88 March 17, 2005
An rpg game for geeks who like to masturbate to while the play it and that is often the cause for disk read errors because their ps2 is covered in a mountain of cum.
Some Faggot: Ohhhhh Yuna im going to pretend this hole him my ps2 is your hairy vagina and im going to stick my small penis into it. Ohhhh Rikku taste my load of cum.
by dimsum88 January 19, 2005

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