A game with no strong story line. Each one has it's own story line and characters. However there is one link to them, love. If notecing all games there is a love story behind them. Final Fantasy is also two movies "Final Fantasy the Spirits Witin" and "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children"
Final Fantasy the movie was a tasteless movie with no solid connection to the game.
by David Tran February 28, 2005
What used to be a good game series on the Super Nintendo is now just a non-interactive FMV movie on the Playstation (tm) and a non-interactive 3D graphics show on the Playstation2. there was also a movie by the same name which came out in 2001, and that sucked so horribly that it almost put Squaresoft out of business (but it didn't, dammit).
Every Final Fantasy game after Final Fantasy 6 is an insult to the art of role-playing.
by Squaresoft can kiss my ass December 12, 2003
The most overated game series ever. So what if it has good graphics, retarded looking characters, and a Japanesey look. It seems that today, Video Games are automatically cool if they have sharp graphics, and it looks Japanese or Chinese. And Video Games that have all sorts of fun stuff but don't have the best graphics or if they dont look Japanesey are often turned down even by serious gamers. It seems that one of the follys of Modern gaming is that gamers are being turned into wimps. I remmember back in "the days" when all those old and classical video games wouldn't have all those 1 hour long bullshit Cut scenes. Don't get me wrong, I like videogame cutscenes but not if they are hella long.
I sure hope they dont turn Mario from a Cool and Funny looking Italian/New Yorker plumber into some overused, sleek, deadly and Asian-looking yet gay looking Samurai or Warrior who would strip off his clothes after every battle. That would suck now would It.
by The Harmeister March 31, 2005
Overrated RPG series. Which of these "final" fantasies are actually going to be the last god damn Final Fantasy?
Final Fantasy fanboys get a major chubby any time you talk about the series.
by Lon August 14, 2005
The RPG plague and should be ingorned and it will go away.
People still buy FF games.
by Levi Morris April 02, 2005
some gay game that all the gay ass nerds play and they suck balls
ray was playing final fantasy

Damn final fantasy is gay
by richie from no problem February 11, 2005
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